• Travel Resources: Coronavirus

  • Planning Your Visit

  • Q: Is wearing a face covering required in Bar Harbor?

    A: Yes. Per an executive order from Governor Janet T. Mills, wearing a face covering is required during your visit to Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island (see below for details). This may be different than in your home state but we ask that you respect our community by wearing a face covering in public spaces.


    Q: Are out of state visitors allowed in Maine?

    A: Yes. Residents of New Hampshire and Vermont are allowed to travel to Maine and stay in commercial lodging establishments with no quarantine requirement and no COVID-19 testing required.

    Visitors from all other states may come to Maine and stay in commercial lodging establishments if they EITHER 

    • sign a Certificate of Compliance declaring they have received a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arriving in Maine, that they will quarantine in Maine for 10 days, or that they have already completed their quarantine in Maine.


    • quarantine for 10 days in Maine at a commercial lodging establishment (or the length of the stay if less than 10 days).

    NOTE: With effect on November 16, 2020, residents of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York are no longer exempt from the testing/quarantine requirement to travel to Maine.


    Q: What does quarantine mean?

    A: During quarantine, a visitor may not interact with others outside their travel party or go into public spaces like shops and restaurants. They may go outside for recreation in uncrowded areas provided they abide by physical distancing guidelines and avoid contact with other people. For example, if you can do the following a safe distance away from other people, you may:

    • go for walks and hikes in uncrowded areas

    • canoe and kayak

    • bike on uncrowded trails

    • swim in lakes, ponds, and rivers

    • take a scenic drive

    • relax and take in the views

    • get takeout and delivered meals


    Q: Do I need to get a COVID-19 test in order to visit Bar Harbor?

    A: No. As stated above, you are still able to visit without getting tested but you will be expected to adhere to the quarantine guidelines shown above. If you'd prefer to get tested and be able to freely enjoy all that Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island have to offer, visitors are encouraged to get tested in their home state before traveling.


    Q: I tested negative. Now what?

    A: That's great news! Once you arrive at your commercial lodging establishment (hotel, motel, campground, vacation rental, B&B, etc.), you'll simply check the box on the Certificate of Compliance that you tested negatively within the past 72 hours and you'll then be allowed to freely enjoy your vacation.


    Q: If we choose the testing option, does every member of my household need to be tested?

    A: All guests over the age of 18 would require a negative test result and be required to sign a Certificate of Compliance. The Maine State CDC recommends that all children older than 12 months receive a COVID-19 test. 


    While You're Here

  • Q: Should I wear a mask or face covering during my visit?

    A: Yes. Maine's governor has issued an Executive Order requiring the use of face coverings in public settings regardless of the ability to maintain physical distance.






  • Q: What are local businesses doing to keep visitors safe?

    A: A lot. The business community has acted swiftly to keep the virus from spreading in our community. To learn about some of the measures being undertaken, visit our Safe Bar Harbor webpage.

  • Q: What should I do if I start to feel ill during my visit?

    A: Reach out to our local hospital's Coronavirus Call Center for evaluation and to possibly arrange for a test. See the flyer at right for details.

  • Q: What can I do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 during my visit?

    A: Thanks for asking! By simply following the basic guidelines, you'll help keep your traveling party, your fellow visitors, our workers, and our community safe. The flyer to the right should help guide you throughout your visit. (Click the image to download)