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  • The Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce, as a membership organization, reflects the needs and interests of its members and works hard to support them. Our members know that by working together we can accomplish more than working as individuals. There are many reasons why your business should join the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce. Here are just a few.


    The Chamber provides extensive exposure for businesses or organizations. Each year we produce 100,000 guidebooks that are distributed around our region and throughout the world. The Chamber also maintains our area's premier and most credible website, visitbarharbor.com. Year-round, the Chamber operates a visitor information center on the corner of Cottage and Main Streets. These are just a few ways the Chamber relays information to consumers.


    Being a Chamber member brings added credibility to your business. Many consumers look to the Chamber of Commerce as a source for finding reliable businesses they can trust. By identifying yourself with the area's leading business organization, you will reach more customers. It has been proven consumers are more likely to choose a business that is a member of a Chamber of Commerce over one that is not.


    The Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce acts as the voice of the businesses in our community. We consistently represent the interests of businesses at the state and local levels to overcome challenges and work with our members to continue making Bar Harbor a great place to live and visit.


    The importance of joining the Chamber is the reality that more can be done collectively working together than as individuals. The Chamber is the leading business organization that unites businesses together for the common goal of sustaining economic improvement and development. The strength of the Chamber is in numbers. By becoming a member of the Chamber you are taking an active role in helping your community and your business.

    There are many more reasons to join than what is just listed above. Most importantly, by joining the Chamber you are supporting a critically important mission to promote a sustainable business environment for years to come. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss any questions you may have.

    For more information on joining the Chamber, please call our administrative office at (207) 801-2566 ext. 13.

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