• A HeartSafe Community

  • Bar Harbor has been recognized as a HeartSafe Community by the Maine Cardiovascular Health Council.

    HeartSafe Communities is a recognition program based on the "Chain of Survival," which has been implemented in other states and countries to help improve outcomes associated with cardiovascular events. Its purpose is to recognize the excellent work being done by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) programs throughout Maine and to provide further opportunities to enhance community partnerships, resources, and services to improve cardiovascular health and decrease deaths due to cardiovascular-related events, including sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke.

    To be designated a Maine HeartSafe Community, applicants must meet criteria that help improve cardiovascular health and decrease death and disability associated with cardiovascular events. The criteria are as follows:

    • The EMS program and/or their community partners must offer CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training to their community members.

    • The EMS program and/or their community partners must offer cardiovascular-related education and/or awareness activities in their community.

    • At least one emergency response designated vehicle must be equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

    • Placement of at least one permanent AED with AED-trained personnel in public or private areas where many people are likely to congregate or be at higher risk for cardiac arrest (such as shopping malls, large employers, airports, etc.).

    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support is dispatched to all priority medical emergencies, either as primary responders or as ALS backup. ALS backup may occur on-scene, en-route, or at the hospital Emergency Department.

    • The EMS program has an ongoing program to evaluate and improve the "Chain of Survival" in their community.

    Early recognition of the signs and symptoms associated with sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack and stroke, immediate access to emergency services, and prompt medical treatment are all crucial to prevent future events, save lives and reduce medical costs and disability. Maine HeartSafe Communities designation promotes enhancements to each of these important links and recognizes a community's dedication to improving its "Chain of Survival" through partnerships with the local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program.

  • Bar Harbor also has multiple Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in highly visible locations throughout the town. Our town’s public safety officials have also added the locations of these AEDs into the PulsePoint AED app to help save valuable time during a medical emergency.

    To learn more about Bar Harbor’s designation as a HeartSafe Community or the PulsePoint AED service, contact the Bar Harbor Fire Department at (207) 288-5554.