• Leary's Landing Irish Pub

    Leary's Landing Irish Pub


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    About Us

    Closest Irish Pub to Ireland in the US!

    Leary's Landing is an authentic Irish Pub, located in the heart of Bar Harbor,
    across from the Village Green.
    Our menu features Irish favorites and fresh, local fare.
    We serve some of the best burgers in town!
    Other summer menu favorites include Blackened Haddock Sandwich, fresh Lobster Rolls, local Mussels in Irish cider broth, Fish & Chips, Wings, Shepherd's Pie and more!
    We specialize in Local Craft Beer (see our Untappd profile below for the current list) and we have the largest Whiskey selection in the area!
    TVs to watch the game on, board games for everyone to enjoy, cozy, welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff await you at Leary's!


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