• Stay Patient and Stay Kind: Visiting Bar Harbor This Summer

    Stay Patient and Stay Kind: Visiting Bar Harbor This Summer

    We’re thrilled to be able to safely welcome visitors after a challenging season last year—our local businesses are grateful for your support that keeps the streets bustling with activity. So bustling, in fact, you may wonder why tickets to your favorite tour or attraction are selling out so quickly, or how to get into your favorite restaurant. We wanted to provide some context as we progress through the season—your kindness, patience and support are greatly appreciated.


    Like the rest of the world, Bar Harbor businesses are facing real challenges as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. With people excited to travel once again, particularly to outdoor areas like Bar Harbor and Acadia, we’re greeting more customers than usual at this time. Pair that with the nationwide hospitality workforce shortage the country is experiencing, and that makes for some busy workers! Bus and truck drivers, cooks, clerks, servers, housekeepers, tour guides and more are taking on extra responsibility to accommodate for the shortage of workers and larger numbers of people.


    What’s Being Done

    Though this is a nationwide challenge that extends past our town’s domain, Bar Harbor is actively seeking ways to help alleviate the worker shortage. The Town of Bar Harbor amended its land use ordinance in 2020 to encourage more workforce housing to accommodate workers on MDI, helping attract more of the people who make your stay fun and enjoyable!


    What You Can Do

    A little patience and kindness go a long way for the staff members of our area businesses. Every smile, ‘thank you’ and tip in the jar do not go unnoticed and brighten their busy day. We have also pulled together some tips for navigating Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park during this busy time. We thank you for being a supportive guest of the Bar Harbor community!