• 5 Essential Items for Your Bar Harbor Winter Adventure

    5 Essential Items for Your Bar Harbor Winter Adventure

    There are plenty of days left this winter season to explore our trails and enjoy the outdoors. We know packing can be a challenge, so we put together some suggestions to ensure you’re prepared for a cold-weather adventure. And, don’t forget your first-aid kit!
    1. Insulated water bottles for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing: You never know what Maine weather will bring. Insulated water bottles and hydration systems keep drinking water from freezing. You will surely be thirsty as you ski or snowshoe on the 45 miles of carriage roads (32 miles are groomed) and unplowed park roads. Experienced snowshoers can head out on the park’s numerous trails for some real winter solitude. Introduce your family to these winter sports in one of Maine’s most beautiful settings. Snowshoes and cross-country skis can be rented in Bar Harbor.
    2. Balaclavas, or neck warmers, for snowmobiling: Travel through Acadia National Park a bit faster on a snowmobile. As you cruise through the park, you will want a balaclava to keep the wind from blowing in between your jacket and helmet. Snowmobiling is allowed on the park’s unplowed fire roads and the 27-mile Park Loop Road, including the road up Cadillac Mountain. 
    Bar Harbor Maine Acadia National Park things to do in winter
    3. Sunscreen for fat-tire biking: Sunscreen in the winter in Maine? YES! The higher altitudes combined with the UV rays reflected by the snow can put snow-sport enthusiasts at an increased risk for overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Fat-tire biking is one of the newest winter activities in Acadia National Park and provides bikers with the ultimate views and workout. All trails open for snowmobile use are also open for fat-tire biking. Bring on the challenge! 
    4. Headlamp or flashlight for winter camping: Days in the winter are much shorter, which increases the need for illumination. Finding that dropped glove is very difficult in the dark. Headlamps and flashlights are obligatory even if you plan to start a fire. Winter camping is available for free at several primitive campsites from December to March for visitors who want to have an authentic Maine winter camping adventure.
    5. Hand warmers for all winter activities: Hands and toes are always the first body parts to feel the chill unless you are well prepared with these small heat packs that can easily be placed in your gloves, boots or anyplace that might get cold! You will surely want your hands to be warm enough to take out your camera to snap pictures as you glide along freshly groomed trails in Acadia National Park.
    After a day of outdoor play, make reservations to relax in one of the area B&Bs or hotels. The rates are great this time of year and most are within an easy walk to shops and restaurants. 

    Photos courtesy of Jane Holland, Kristin Leffler, and Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop.