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    About Us

    Oceansedge is an oceanfront vacation rental property located on the shoreline of Bar Harbor, Maine. It is a single-family home (4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths) having a 7-digit property value.

    Oceansedge is located on a private and posted road within a likewise private peninsula enclave, in Bar Harbor’s preeminent residential community, which is also one of the nation’s most historic neighborhoods.

    The property is within 1 mile (bicycling distance) of Acadia National Park’s Reception Center, the gateway to 50 miles of “carriage roads” and 30,000 paradisaical acres of forests and coastline. Being definitely on the ocean, the property is also very conducive to safe and convenient kayaking.

    Additional information:
    The property’s website (linkable from this page) offers: a 3D “dollhouse” photographic tour of the entire house, over 100 testimonials, over 150 photos, interactive floor plan photos,
    plus a 2-year availability calendar and an interactive rental rate chart.

    Profile of guests:
    Oceansedge has been serving for 25 years distinguished executives and discriminating families from throughout the US and abroad. They expect and receive a peerless property considered the best of its kind among 700 competitors.

    Contact information for serious inquirers:
    www.OceansedgeMaine.com; JBDyer3@aol.com; (617) 899-5771


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