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    Come experience Geddy's, the #1 Restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine. Sit back, relax and enjoy the local vibe of this lively waterfront eatery - famous for its fresh seafood, Maine lobster, and the best lobster roll in Bar Harbor. Also, enjoy American eats and signature drinks with harbor views.

    The Bar Harbor menu features fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. Specialties include lobster straight from the ''live'' tank, daily-caught seafood, wood-fired pizza, Angus burgers, local craft beer, signature cocktails, and more. Additionally, 98% of the menu is gluten free, including fried foods and clam chowder. Vegetarian and vegan options available too.

    There is always something for everyone, at Geddy's. So, come enjoy this family-friendly, fast casual restaurant in Downtown Bar Harbor! Open daily at 11 am for lunch, dinner, and drinks. ''Meet Me At Geddy's'' on Main Street, under the landmark Moose. Available for dine-in, curbside pick-up, or takeout. Visit our website at https://geddys.com/ to reserve a table or to place an order to-go.

    Also, don’t forget to stop-by “Geddy's Down-Under'' to shop or just to say ''hi'' - offering unique gifts, local souvenirs, and fun t-shirts! You haven't been to Bar Harbor, until you've been to Geddy's! World-Famous Geddy's - since 1974.


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