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    Built in 1904, the former Ledgelawn Inn is one of the original grand summer estates in Bar Harbor referred to by the elite simply as cottages. Ledgelawn may be the most haunted building in Bar Harbor, but its most famous ghost is a woman in white, a jilted bride who donned her wedding dress and hung herself from the rafters in the attic with her veil.

    This bereaved ghost called Mary Margaret is spotted mostly on the third floor, but sometimes elsewhere in the building. When the mansion still operated as an inn, one guest had a very close encounter with Mary Margaret. This man claims that he not only witnessed the ghost bride enter the room, but that she actually got into bed with him! Because he didn’t want to incur her wrath, he just pretended as if nothing was wrong, shut his eyes tightly, and rolled over. One wonders how much sleep he got that night.

    Expect to hear more ghost stories like this one as well to learn more about a variety of local paranormal happenings. The weird tales include the strange goings-on at otherwise opulent lodgings like the Balance Rock Inn, the legendary Bar Harbor Club, and several other supernatural hotspots about town.

    Formerly Red Cloak Tours, is now known as Maine Ghost Walks, with revamped stories and chilling tales!


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