• Store Associate

    Posted: 02/18/2024

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    The mission of FIORE is to provide our consumers with the freshest - highest quality - authentic - hard to find – extra virgin olive oils, specialty oils, vinegars and specialty foods, with excellent personal service in a pleasant educational atmosphere, all wrapped in the warm feel of an Old-World Shop.

    Store Associate Job Description:

    • Learn accurate information about our products.
    • We provide you with materials to learn:  listen to other employees, read materials provided, watch training videos, taste our products and use them at home.
    • Greet customers when they walk through the door, share your enthusiasm for our products and give honest recommendations.
    • Offer samples to customers and replenish samples as needed.
    • Fill bottles, ring up sales, wrap and bag customer purchases
    • Be familiar with FIORE’s website and invite customers to search our website or call when they run out of product.
    • Fill fusti’s with oils and vinegars as needed throughout the day.
    • Prepare new cases of glass bottles - use a compressor to puff out bottles, cap and label before putting them on the shelves in the storefront as needed.
    • Fill bottles in bulk for programs and events, such as B&B samples, restaurants, caterers, farmer’s markets, weddings, company functions and sample packs.
    • Production Work – Cut cardboard for bottoms of bags; stuff large quantities of bags with brochures; fill gift boxes with straw grass/brochure in preparation of storefront needs
    • Maintain the back stock room and keep shelves filled on the sales floor.
    • Assist with inventory, including receiving and stocking merchandise.
    • Keep products, shelves and overall work environment clean, safe  and organized at all times.
    • Opening & Closing Tasks – Prepare for the day: turn capper on, loosen fusti lids, read/address emails/new orders on computer, prepare cash register for the day; End of day: Sweep and mop, wash dishes, fill fusti’s, prep for next morning, close out cash register.  Work in conjunction with other staff to expedite/perform these tasks well.
    • Enjoyment of food and cooking a plus!
    • Highly Dependable
    • Familiarity with POS (point of sale) systems and the ability to learn new technologies
    • Excellent listening and verbal communication skills
    • Ability to foster a culture of enthusiasm for our products and be able to convey that to our customers.
    • Ability to perform in fast-paced environments
    • Flexibility to work various shifts
    Physical requirements:
    • Ability to exert well-paced mobility for 6 hours at a time
    • Ability to stand, bend, stoop and lift up to 50 lbs. in weight
    • Ability to use hand truck, cart, box cutter, step stool, and cleaning supplies

    Part-time, Full-time, seasonal and Year-round applicants are all welcome!

    Applicants can email their resume to the email listed or they can find an application form on our website to fill out and either email, mail or bring in to the store.

    FIORE Bar Harbor winter hours: 
    Tuesday to Saturday 11-6