• Getting to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park: By Bus, Plane or Train!

    Getting to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park: By Bus, Plane or Train!

    Whether you are a newcomer to Bar Harbor and Acadia, or have been coming here for years, planning how you’ll get here and get around is key to an enjoyable and smooth visit. Perhaps you are considering forgoing a car – you’ll need to know about the public transportation options. Or you may be thinking about going to another area of Maine first, and then making your way to Bar Harbor. We give you the inside scoop, below. Please note that these recommendations are subject to change – for the latest, we recommend you call the listed service providers or check their website.
    Airports to Fly Into: Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park
    If you’re coming from further away, there are a few options for airports, depending on your travel plans:

    • Bangor International Airport (BGR): 50 miles from Bar Harbor, this is the closest international airport to Mount Desert Island. It’s typically a little over an hour drive, but be aware that summer traffic may add time to the trip. From here, there are a variety of taxi services, limousines and a bus to Bar Harbor.
    • Bar Harbor Airport (BHB): This smaller airport has connections to/from Boston, and is the closest to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Rental car services and taxi services are available.
    • Portland International Airport (PWM): If you have interest in exploring southern Maine before traveling up the coast towards Bar Harbor, this could be a good option for you. About 175 miles from Bar Harbor, you can enjoy a scenic drive up from this airport. Alternatively, there are buses from PWM that go to Bangor, where you can then get ground transportation to Bar Harbor.
    • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS): The largest airport within a half-day’s drive of Bar Harbor, Logan may be a good choice for international travelers or people wanting to explore Massachusetts before driving up to Maine. Driving from Boston to Bar Harbor is about five hours, 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can easily get to North Station or South Station in Boston (through public transportation or a mobility app), where you can catch the train or bus to Portland (South Station has the bus connection, North Station has the train connection). From Portland, you can take either the bus or train options, listed below, to get to Bar Harbor.
    Buses En Route to Bar Harbor
    If you’re coming from Maine, New Hampshire or Massachusetts, you can get to Bar Harbor by bus and a connecting transportation service.
    • Concord Coachlines: These comfortable, pristinely clean buses connect Maine, New Hampshire, Boston and Logan Airport. Wherever you’re coming from, you’ll want to take the route to Bangor Transportation Center.
    • From the Bangor Transportation Center, you can take the Downeast Transportation bus (five days a week) to get to Bar Harbor (select car services are also available).
    Coastal Train En Route to Bar Harbor
    Coming from Boston or a further destination that connects to Boston’s North Station? There’s nothing like a scenic train ride to kick off your vacation. 
    • Amtrak Downeaster: A great choice if you want to explore southern Maine, Amtrak has train service from Boston all the way to Portland. Though the train to Portland is typically slower than the bus, it is a scenic route and offers a dining car.
    • From Portland, you’ll take the Concord Coachlines bus to Bangor Transportation Center, where the above connecting bus (or select car services) can get you to Bar Harbor.
    Getting Around Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park
    You’ve made it! Now what?
    • Bar Harbor has a variety of transportation options (from ferries to customized land and park tours) that will get you where you need to go, with friendly service and often through a scenic route.
    • The Island Explorer, the local and free transportation service to Acadia and Bar Harbor attractions, is returning for its 2022 season on June 23.
    Get Planning
    Now that you’ve got transportation covered, it’s time to plan your trip

    Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels