• Fall Bucket List in Bar Harbor

    Fall Bucket List in Bar Harbor

    Fall is a time for warm cups of spiced cider, standing outside in the crisp air and looking at the leaves. There are certain activities like these that you absolutely must do every time fall rolls around. Check off some of your fall bucket list activities while visiting Bar Harbor. 

    Attend a Fall Event 
    Fall, with its warm days and cooler nights, is the ideal season for spending time at outdoor events. Whether you are taking part in the event yourself or just watching, Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island have several events that let you spend time in the crisp autumn air. 
    Acadia Night Sky Festival – The Acadia Night Sky Festival takes place every year at the beginning of fall. With fewer and fewer truly dark night skies around the world, seeing the stars is a treat! Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island have worked hard to limit light pollution, allowing the night sky to shine bright. During the day, world-renowned speakers share their knowledge of astronomy while you get to gaze at the stars after dusk. 
    MDI Marathon – The MDI Marathon in October is fantastic for seeing the colorful fall foliage while running across the island. Not only will this road race push your limits, you will also breeze by beautiful scenes of the ocean, Acadia National Park and Somes Sound, the only fjard on the eastern coast. If you aren’t a runner, the stellar views and changing leaves make the marathon perfect for spectators, too. 

    Visit a Historic Museum
    After spending time at outdoor events, a stroll through a museum may treat you well. Bar Harbor has a rich history filled with innovation, artistry and civilization. Tour these museums to learn more about the area and take some time to warm up from being outside. 
    Abbe Museum – At the Abbe Museum, visitors have the chance to discover the history of the Native Americans who first settled on Mount Desert Island. The museum focuses on the Wabanaki Nations through stimulating exhibits, cultivating a knowledge of the past that intensifies your connection to Bar Harbor. 
    Seal Cove Auto Museum – Learn about antique automobiles at the Seal Cove Auto Museum. These cars transport you back in time from 1895 to the early 1920s with factory-condition classics, as well as period clothing and accessories. Discover the stories of innovations from this exhilarating time period in American history. 
    Wendell Gilley Museum – Showcasing the work and life of skilled decorative bird carver Wendell Gilley, this museum teaches visitors the intricacies of bird carving and displays some of Wendell’s art. Take part in a carving class or enroll your children in their kids’ programs to inspire creativity and a passion for the arts. 
    Woodlawn Museum, Gardens & Park – The Woodlawn Museum is located on the grounds of the Black family estate. This historic 180-acre estate allows visitors to explore the house museum, gardens and walking trails. Their collection of antique carriages and sleighs transport you to a different era while a game of croquet puts your mind and body to the test. 
    Drink a Fall Favorite 
    Quench your thirst with fall flavors that only come around this time of year, like pumpkin spice, apple cider and season-inspired alcoholic beverages. In Bar Harbor, local coffee shops, cafés and bars offer their own exceptional takes on these autumn must-haves. 
    Coffee Hound Coffee Bar – The Coffee Hound Coffee Bar serves up hot cider at just the right temperature to warm you right up after spending time in the cool autumn air with a taste that embodies the season. You can also order indulgent signature drinks or espressos that will pep you up so you don’t miss out on any of the fall fun! 
    Choco-Latte – With a range of coffee, espresso and cappuccino to choose from, Choco-Latte has all your fall favorites. Pair your fall-inspired cup with a house-made bagel, sandwich, baked goods or chocolate. 
    Galyn’s – Located right across the street from Agamont Park, Galyn’s offers some of the best views of Frenchman Bay. They also mix up amazing seasonal cocktails to help keep the chill off. This fall’s specialty drink is the “Bitter Sweet September”, a blend of Miles 10 year Madeira, Campari, a splash of Disaronno, soda water and a squeeze of orange. It looks like fall in a glass!
    Atlantic Brewing Company – Since 2009, Atlantic Brewing Company has been brewing their Leaf-Peeping Ale. This English-style red ale mimics the color of the trees outside while German noble hops create a smooth flavor. 
    Go On a Haunted Tour 
    Halloween is getting closer each day, but October 31 is not the only day of the year for something spooky. Tour historic venues and local hot spots for ghostly activity that may have seemed normal when you first stepped foot in them. Make sure to bring your whole crew for safety in numbers. 
    Red Cloak Haunted History Tours – From maritime hauntings to lantern-light tours, Red Cloak Haunted History Tours shows visitors some of Bar Harbor’s most eerie destinations. Walk along the waterfront and listen to stories of shipwrecks, pirates and mysterious sea creatures. 
    Bar Harbor Ghost Tours – Bar Harbor Ghost Tours offers visitors several unique tours whether you are looking for ghosts or want to learn about haunted historical landmarks. On the Wabanaki Spirit Walk, visit former Wabanaki encampments and walk the Spirit Road while listening to tales of the supernatural. 
    Embrace the Falling Leaves
    What is autumn without celebrating the fall leaves and their beautiful colors? Know when the fall foliage is at its peak by visiting the Maine Foliage Report. This map shows the progression of color in each part of the state so you can see when Bar Harbor’s foliage is at peak. Here are a few other ways to embrace this phenomenon that only happens once a year: 
    Take a walk through Acadia National Park on the carriage roads or hiking trails for foliage look-outs. 
    Find the perfect place to capture the spectacular fall foliage with your camera at one of these locations
    Collect a few gorgeous leaves to take home. Either press or wax the leaves to preserve them. 
    Get ready to check off some of your fall bucket list activities! Whether you choose to attend a fall event, stop in at a museum, sip a warm fall beverage, tour Bar Harbor’s haunted history or play in the leaves, Bar Harbor can help you achieve all your autumn goals in one breathtaking destination. 

    Photos courtesy of Heather Anderson, Kevin McClean and Galyn's.