• Creating a sustainable destination

    Creating a sustainable destination

    Our small coastal town has made a huge impact on the lives of many people and as a community we’re constantly looking for ways to make Bar Harbor a better place to live and visit. With the help of Acadia National Park, Friends of Acadia, A Climate to Thrive and The College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor is really coming together to become more sustainable. Our community is looking for the help of visitors to maintain sustainable initiatives and overall make Bar Harbor a better place to visit. 
    Here’s how you can help:
    The beauty of Acadia National Park is irresistible. The park is explored by thousands of visitors each year, with many vehicles to transport them. To keep the park in tip-top shape and help the environment, Acadia officials are asking for your help to reduce vehicle emissions by taking these steps: 
    Reduce time spent idling 
    Drive sensibly
    Follow the speed limit
    Remove excess weight
    Keep engines tuned and tires inflated
    Use the island’s public transportation - Island Explorer
    By following these guidelines, you can be part of the shift toward making the park more environmentally friendly. 
    Friends of Acadia is also asking for your help to reduce the use of vehicles to and from the park. In addition to the Island Explorer, Friends of Acadia suggests that you use the Acadia Gateway Center and Village Connector Trails to access the park and increase sustainability. Try parking at the Acadia Gateway Center and use the Island Explorer buses to travel all over Mount Desert Island or add to the adventure with a walk right into Acadia from Bar Harbor village using one of Friends of Acadia’s six Village Connector Trails. 
    Another crew working hard to increase conservation and preservation in and around Bar Harbor is A Climate to Thrive. In 2016, after noticing environmental changes in Bar Harbor, several villagers came together to form A Climate to Thrive. Since then, the organization has grown to play an important part in increasing the use of renewable energy, reducing plastic waste, and increasing home efficiency. Their goal is to have all of Mount Desert Island become renewable by 2030! This is a challenging goal, but A Climate to Thrive is moving forward with 76 homes already touting solar panels. Founders of A Climate to Thrive have also calculated that 85% of energy needs could be met by installing solar panels on all roofs in prime sun locations.
    When visiting, help A Climate to Thrive by following some of their suggestions:
    Recycle when possible
    Pick up trash
    Bring your own reusable containers and shopping bags
    Avoid the purchase of packaged foods
    Say no to plastic straws
    With courses in human ecology, sustainability is central to the core values of College of the Atlantic. Named the first carbon-neutral college in 2017, College of the Atlantic has opened the Community Energy Center to improve sustainability education offerings and support community conservation. Looking to the sky for a solution, one project the college has worked on is the Solar Charged EV Demonstration, which uses solar power to charge your electric vehicle. 
    You don’t have to worry about where to charge your vehicle around Bar Harbor. The College of the Atlantic is just one location where you can find electric vehicle charging ports on Mount Desert Island. Bar Harbor has several other charging stations at Inn at Bay Ledge and Acadia Hotel
    With all these changes being made to make Bar Harbor more sustainable, the village is feeling refreshed. Be part of the movement by following the suggestions above to help maintain the natural beauty of our coastal village.