• 5 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Escape to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park This Fall

    5 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Escape to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park This Fall


    1. The leaves will leave you speechless!
    Peak foliage is typically in mid-September through the first two weeks of October. Acadia National Park’s numerous sweeping viewpoints are an extra treat at this time of year, as the trees don their autumn best. Maine’s official fall foliage tracker makes it easy to stay up to date on the status of those glorious golds, reds, and yellows.
    1. Crisp, Cool Weather
    After a summer of record-high temperatures across the nation, a cool day may seem like a distant memory. Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park will help revive you with refreshing temperatures that make hiking and other outdoor activities extra invigorating and fun.
    1. Dreamy hiking, biking, and kayaking experiences!
    Did we mention leaves yet? What about the satisfying crunch of them underneath your hiking shoes and or bike wheels? Or their incredible, fiery reflection in a tranquil body of water? Fall is a fabulous time for land and water adventures, weather-wise, and view-wise.
    1. Delicious delights
    There is a misconception that lobster is a summer-only meal, but in fact, there is lobster to savor in the fall, too! Try a lobster roll with warm butter instead of a chilled roll, and let yourself be the judge. For more fall-inspired fare, there’s spiced cider to enjoy, and plenty for the pumpkin-spiced-obsessed: from sweet treats for the kiddos (or adults) to apple cider margaritas!
    1. A head start on holiday shopping
    We know, we know – it seems premature. But wouldn’t it be nice to get it over with this year, and have fun while doing it?! Whether bringing back local blueberry jam for your beau or a special treat for your furry friend, Bar Harbor is full of uniquely thoughtful gift options.