• 4 Ways To Experience Lobster in Bar Harbor: Lobster Roll Tour, Lobster Ice Cream & More!

    4 Ways To Experience Lobster in Bar Harbor: Lobster Roll Tour, Lobster Ice Cream & More!

    Nothing is perhaps more quintessentially Maine than lobster; in any souvenir shop, Maine postcards and memorabilia are sure to depict the famous crustacean. And for good reason – our cold waters provide the best-tasting lobster in the nation. Bar Harbor offers some unique lobster experiences, whether savoring it or hopping on a lobster fishing boat! Add these four experiences to your Bar Harbor bucket list.

    1. Go on the Bar Harbor lobster roll tour. Lobster roll lovers, rejoice. Bar Harbor is so full of excellent spots to grab a buttery, fresh lobster roll that we couldn’t possibly choose just one, and now you don’t have to, either. Our lobster roll tour is available as an experience on our app. Just tap the “Experiences” button to map and plan your tour in Bar Harbor. Also available on the Apple Store.
    1. Try lobster ice cream from Ben & Bill’s. For the adventurous eater, there’s lobster ice cream to try at Ben & Bill’s! If that doesn’t curb your sweet tooth, they offer a variety of other ice cream flavors in addition to fudge, candies and chocolates.  
    1. Hop aboard a lobster fishing boat. How is lobster caught, anyway? Learn about lobster fishing as experienced fishermen and women catch them right before your eyes, and get answers to your questions from naturalists about marine wildlife. You may even get the opportunity to handle a lobster yourself, if you’d like! Lulu Lobster Boat Ride and Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company both offer a great lobster tour.
    1. Shop lobster apparel and gifts. Lobster sweaters, flip flops and more. Pick up the essentials at My Darling Maine Boutique.